Is it in Stock?/what is your Lead time?

In short, a pedal is in stock unless it says “Out of Stock.” I am slowly transitioning from a built-to-order model to having pedals in stock on a regular basis.  It is my goal to shrink the lead times as I go until they become non-existent. My lead times vary and often times I have several models in stock as I complete batches on a rotating schedule. My minimum is 14 days as this gives me time for final inspection and packing as well as juggling dance class and trips to the post office. If a products lead time is much longer than normal, I’m panicking as much as you are. I do appreciate your patience and I do not mind folks reaching out to see where my lead times are for specific pedals. 

what is your warranty?

My warranty is simple.  If your pedal stops working for whatever reason I'm happy to take a look at it and if it's an easy fix, I'll do it no charge.  If I'm at fault then I will certainly fix or replace parts or pedals as necessary.  If there is damage due to obvious user error or abuse then we will discuss the costs to fix it on a  case by case basis. 

what's your return policy?

Every pedal I ship comes with a 14-day return policy.  All that I ask is that everything is returned in completely original condition with original packaging and materials.  To start a return, shoot me an email at  If everything checks out, I will refund your original purchase price minus the cost of shipping.

Where are you located?

I live in the amazingly misunderstood place of Baltimore, Md.

Why are international shipping costs so high? 

I've been burned a few times and so have my customers.  I ship everything USPS Priority Express International with full insurance.  It costs more but it gets there on time and with very little hassle.

Will you lie on the customs form for me?


Can you make a custom version of one of your pedals?

Maybe.  Let me know your idea.

can you make me a completely custom pedal?

Probably not.  I don't have much time for one-off commission work as of late.  If you're interested in design or contract work then...maybe.

Can I use higher than a 9VDC  Supply?

No.  I build my pedals to get the maximum headroom out of a 9V supply meaning there would be little improvement AND...the is a big AND...ANYTHING HIGHER THAN A 9VDC SUPPLY WILL DAMAGE THE PEDAL AND VOID WARRANTY.

I really want to use a crappy power supply.

Please don't.  I would say a One Spot in good condition is the minimum I would feel confident with on stage regardless of the pedal I'm using.  But any legit pedal power supply from the usual suspects is good enough.  If you're not sure just shoot me a message.

Why don't your pedals accept a 9V Battery?

No one seemed to care that I offered it so I removed the option to save me the hassle.  If you really need to have it, shoot me a message to see if the pedal you're considering could support a battery.  But this option will ultimately be unavailable in any future designs.