(Discussing the Ugly Twin)...this thing produces riffs out of thin air. I love it! I’m starting a freaking band around this pedal.
— Noel Mueller - Producer, Grimoire Records
GMP is fucking sick!!! Tone control is voiced really cool for guitar. Sounds really great in front of my V4.
— Kevin Bernsten - Producer, Ilsa, Full of Hell, mutilation rites & Guitarist - Triac
(Discussing the MBD-1) I’m digging it. It’s really beefy but stays clear
— Jeff Matz - High on Fire
(Discussing the GMP on Bass) Dude it is pretty massive on bass. The crunch is great but its good for aggressive shit because it’s not fully blown out and has midrange clarity.
— Arthur Rizk - Producer - Powertrip, Cavalera Conspiracy, Code Orange & guitarist - sumerlands
I always set out to pummel my rig. I like whatever set up I’m using to sound like it is on the verge of self destructing. The MBD-1 has become a permanent fixture in my set up, and it will remain there. It’s absolutely capable of decimating my rig, it has a gnarly growl, insane amount of output, and big thick low end.
— Randy Huth - Pissed Jeans
The MBD-1 is one of the most versatile and exciting distortion pedals I’ve run across in years. Every setting and instrument I’ve run through it sounds amazing.
— Ron Petske - Bongripper
In the oversaturated world of drive pedals, its hard to pick one that stands alone from the pack...The MBD-1 strips away the unnecessary bells and whistles and leaves you with a phenomenal bass overdrive/distortion that is distinct in character. It does everything from lightly saturated grit to gut-punching heaviness, while always retaining the tone of your bass. It happily resides in my arsenal and one of my favorite sonic weapons.
— Mr. Excane - Youtube
Wow...you’re all a bunch of nerds
— My wife - a paraphrase
After chewing through every popular overdrive/distortion combo, I finally found the cornerstone of my driving sound with the MBD-1. My tone cuts through a very dense mix; combating with up to 3 guitars, violin, synth, and piano, and backing tracks. The MBD-1 makes sure I never get lost in our most powerful moments. I make sure that I am heard, and it is a f*king magnificent sound.
— Tim Szczesniak - Normandy Wood
I have been using the Damnation Audio MBD-1 Mosfet Bass Distortion and it is truly a gem, especially in live situations where i want to change up character.
It provides me great control in moving gnarly tones around with my active basses.
Works nicely with high output basses.
Also a really nice clean preamp pedal. There’s much you can dial up with the Damnation Audio MBD-1
Give this pedal a whirl.
— Perry B. - Audiotopsy
Anytime I meet a bassist I make them play my MBD-1.
— KOREY BARTOS - Fuck Yeah Effects Pedals
I wanted a bass distortion designed by a bassist that likes distortion. Jeff at damnationaudio knocked it out of the park with the MBD-1.
— Scot DeBockler - S&K Pedals
Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition.
— Isaac Asimov
One thing is for sure, I don’t think I can ever play without the bloop [loop blender] again. If I turn it off, everything sounds thin and puny. And I was happy with my overall tone before. Now, I’m extremely happy with it. This is great!
— Greg Sturmon - Killing Gods