the damn history

I have very little interest in talking about myself, so I'll be plain.  I love bass and I love effects and I love marrying the two whenever possible.  I love tinkering and I love staying up all hours of the night worrying about part selection.  To borrow and distort a phrase from my favorite author, "I do this for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die."  Starting Damnation was the inevitable result of years or tweaking in my basement and getting so full of myself I thought the world needs to see this.  The reaction was more than I could have hoped for and emboldened by a false sense of importance I launched a company building distortion pedals in 2016.  Not my best idea but certainly not my worst.  I continue to grow and improve but the basic drive has not changed.  Just the amount of stress and side-eye from the misses.


My philosophy is simple.  I build what I can't find for myself.  I build what I would use on stage or in the studio.  If it doesn't further my cause or the greater human experience then I would find it hard to work on it all day in and out.  I try to provide the best customer service experience because I know how I like to be treated.  Just like in my own home this can all be summed up by simply promising not to be an ass.  And I'll never tell you my stuff is the best but I will always guarantee that it'll be good enough.  If you let go of the need for perfection and can feel confident that your gear will get you through your set unscathed then you can let loose and become the animal you were always meant to be.  Welcome to Damnation Audio.  I love you.